Transform simple photos into a digital twin

FRAMENCE can be used in many use cases such as :

• Managing construction projects
• The creation of As Built Documentation
• Operational assistance
• Asset Managements
• Training

Managing construction projects

Construction sites are constantly evolving. FRAMENCE facilitates the comparison of situations between a BIM model and on-site realizations. Thanks to our state-of-the-art technology, you can perform an accurate analysis of the condition of your construction site from a remote site, saving on travel’s time and expenses.


We support all common 2D and 3D file formats. The information is precisely located in a 3D coordinate system. With a simple click of the mouse, you can overlay them on top of your digital twin and identify discrepancies in real time. Thanks to our measurement functions, you can assess the criticality of a deviation directly in FRAMENCE.

In a renovation, it is essential to consider the facilities in place during the planning phase. However, these conditions can be incredibly difficult to accurately represent in BIM plans or models.

FRAMENCE is here to meet this challenge. Our innovative approach allows precise preliminary planning directly in the image model. With this level of precision at your fingertips, planning processes become easier and more tangible than ever. We’ve made it incredibly easy to integrate 3D models or manufacturers’ components in IFC or STEP format, all with just a few mouse clicks.

With FRAMENCE, planning can take place in “real” reality – and if necessary, it can also be seamlessly translated into virtual reality.


As built documentation

With FRAMENCE it is possible to create visual as built documentation. By harnessing the power of this cutting-edge technology, we’ve enabled you to document construction projects with ease and accuracy.

Our highly accurate image models, generated from a wide range of sources, from wide-angle photos taken with a professional camera to mobile phone shots to drone images, offer an incredibly detailed and comprehensive view of all phases from construction to delivery. Even hidden technical installations, such as underground pipes, can be made visible again.



Operational assistance

The operation of infrastructure requires accurate information, integrating current and historical data, the characteristics of each asset and the local intervention conditions.

The absence of such information can lead to a considerable increase in operating costs and operating errors.

By using FRAMENCE, you will get an accurate representation of your assets regardless of your location. You visualize the technical installations in real time, you can access the values of the sensors, the historical information. You can add notes, instructions, and videos directly to the technical installation.

In this way, you reduce costs by facilitating maintenance and repair processes.


Asset Management

In asset management, up to 30% of working time consists of gathering information from different IT systems and performing visual checks. Important information is scattered across various platforms, resulting in frustrating searches and wasted hours.

FRAMENCE eliminates this loss of productivity. Once the digital twin is created, with just a few clicks, you can visit virtually any site and check the consistency between the data and reality. Important data, information and documents can be located directly on technical assets. You can view data from all existing computer systems directly in the image or access external systems. You always have all the information you need at your fingertips, this represents a significant time saving in the management of equipment and facilitates asset management audits.


On site training

Training and onboarding of new employees is essential, especially when it comes to operating complex technical systems. However, conducting such training or integration directly at the plant can disrupt the normal operational process.

With FRAMENCE, we make onboarding and training more efficient than ever. Thanks to our state-of-the-art visual models, we can present the real world to you in detail and at scale. You can even see tiny details like equipment nameplates.

By integrating instructions, information, and manuals with the systems, your employees will have all the details they need at their fingertips. In addition, our virtual reality feature allows your team to discover your sites in an immersive way.


FRAMENCE, a leap forward in immersive technologies

FRAMENCE uses immersive technologies to bring your digital twin to life in augmented and virtual reality. From your tablet or smartphone display all the information of your installation. This includes operating and maintenance instructions, sensor values, feedback from colleagues, etc.

Our platform uses sophisticated methods to ensure that all information is displayed in the right place, down to the millimeter.

With a VR headset, you can dive into your photorealistic twin and perform simulations and training on technical equipment like never before. With the ability to interact with your twin in a fully immersive setting, you can improve your understanding and improve your workflows.

Access your data from wherever you want, whenever you want !


FRAMENCE offers unlimited access from any PC, smartphone or tablet – no technical installation and no pluggin is necessary.
You can manage user profiles and rights, and control access to digital twin information and sensitive data, especially for external service providers.

Of course, there is digital twins based on photogrammetric methods, however FRAMENCE is more than just a platform based on photogrammetry.

Avec With our platform, you can seamlessly integrate laser scanning data from different vendors, 3D or CAD models and other file formats from a CRM, CMDB or BMS can also be easily displayed and combined inn FRAMENCE.

Aggregates all this data, creating a single information point for a project or site.

With FRAMENCE, you have access to a variety of features that can be used regardless of the file format you choose for your digital twin.


NEPHELE DATA CONTROL as a long-standing partnership with SPEEDIKON FM belonging to the same group than WIRITEC, FRAMENCE and FUTURE LABS.

We were seduced by the possibilities offered by FRAMENCE and we support our customers by offering turnkey services allowing them to focus on their projects. The implementation of FRAMENCE allows beyond the technical functionalities to streamline their projects FRAMENCE offer better visibly of the project and reduce the cost of travel, not only to direct actors but also to the manager’s.