Our immersion cooling specialist partner.

After several years of development, GRC Cooling Company offers immersion cooling solutions that are tried and tested and are in production with many operators. With PUE and WUE values close to 1.04 and 0 respectively, this solution can be quickly adapted and offers an ideal CAPEX/OPEX ratio for your Data Center.

A Modular and Efficient Technology

Immersion cooling is a modular technology suitable for the construction and renovation of data centers.

It thus allows for the partial reuse of existing infrastructures, adapting them and offering an environmentally-friendly cooling solution.

Immersion Cooling by GRC Cooling reduces construction costs by over 50%, air conditioning costs by over 90%, and maintenance costs by 50%, all while ensuring simplified daily installation and maintenance.

Néphélé Data Control, Your Local Partner and Point of Contact

Successfully implementing immersion technology in your data center is made possible thanks to the expertise of specialists in this technology while addressing day to day exploitation’s issues.

As a partner of GRC Cooling Company, Néphélé Data Control will be your primary point of contact, especially in the context of integrating this technology within a “Net Zero” approach, or to address regulatories issues like ICPE regulation’s.